BasicMathSkills AddSubtractDecimals InverseOperations
ComplementarySupplementary MultiplyDecimals NumberProperties
item8 Exponents OrderofOperations-GEMA1
VerticalAngles FactorTrees item3
AreaofPolygons Fractions ProportionsRatios
AreaofParallelogram AddSubtractFractions Quadrilaterals1
AreaofRectangle multiplyfractions RationalNumbers
AreaofSquare dividefractions SieveofEratosthenes
AreaofTrapezoid lowesttermsfractions
AreaofTriangle mixednumbers
CirclesandPi Integers ClassNews
Circumference AddSubtractIntegers item24
AreaofCircle MultiplyDivideIntegers item17
Info About Math Bugs Me!

Math Bugs Me! is designed specifically for my middle school math classes but will probably be helpful to other middle schoolers as well. The material that is posted goes along with what we are learning in class. New content is posted concurrently so that students can be provided with online help immediately.

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The majority of the graphics/clip art found on Math Bugs Me! comes from the D.J. Inkers line.

All D.J. Inkers graphics are used with permission. Click on the D.J. Inkers icon (found below) to visit their website.