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Multiply & Divide with Integers

Now, when it comes to multiplying and dividing integers, things are definitely NOT as they may appear. Yep, if you can believe this magic, it is actually quite SIMPLE! Woo-hoo! Finally, something that is easy-peasy, lemon squeasy!

If you can remember waaaay back to elementary school, multiplication is kind of a 'faster' way to add. And, inversely, dividing integers is a quicker way to subtract! So, if you think of these operations in THIS way…it will ALL make sense.

The pattern is so simple here that you are going to wonder why you ever thought it was difficult to begin with. It is all a matter of counting and making pairs. Follow along, please.

8  •  5 -6  •  -3 -13  •  2
Step #1: Count the Signs

Write down all of the signs in the problem.

This is the SAME for both multiplication AND division problems!

Step #2: Circle pairs

Draw a circle around each pair of signs.

Step #3: Draw a face

If the sign pairs match, make a smiley face.

If the sign pairs do NOT match, make an unhappy face.

Happy face = answer is POSITIVE

Unhappy face = answer is NEGATIVE

8  •  5 -6  •  -3 -13  •  2

Easy-peasy, lemon-squeasy!

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