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Solving Percent Problems

Ahh…percents. That OTHER topic that is related to fractions that causes so much grief! Well, put that grief aside because I guarantee you 100% that you will soon be able to understand how to 'do' percents!

What do I need to

You need to have a few skills under your belt before you begin:

• Know how to change a fraction to a decimal
• Understand the Commutative Property of Multiplication
• Be familar and comfortable with solving equations with unknowns
• Have the ability to read sentences
Key Words & Symbols

Key words are ALWAYS important, particularly when working out word problems. Identifying the words and translating them into mathematical symbols is half of the battle in making the problem easier to solve. The key words you need to know and their corresponding symbols are:

of means multiply so use
Flow Map: Finding Percents of
The 'out of' Percent Problems

One of the most common types of percent problems is the 'out of' types of problems. Read each of the following.

\165% of what is 15?

Are you struggling with these types of percent problems? If you answered, YES! then go to the 'Out of' Percents page for help.


What's with all the cows? The cow simply helps you to remember to MOOOOOVE the decimal! That's it! It's a mnemonic device. Nothing more, nothing less…

\What is 24% of 82?

Are you stumped yet? Are you thinking, "I need my calculator!" and, then realize, "I don't know what buttons to push!" Don't fret, these are actually really simple IF you remember to moooooo.

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