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MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School

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Kindergarten SOS

Do you have a little brother or sister at home? Need some help getting him/her ready for Kindergarten OR need help with his/her Kindergarten homework? Then, check out KindergartenSOS!

For math only, then check out Mrs. S-S's primary math website, Savvy Math.


Now, for all the 7th graders out there, you need to check out Pre-Algebra Bugs Me!

This is Mrs. Skipper-Spurgeon's other math website and the content is specific to what you learn in 7th grade.

Math Games for Skills Practice

Need some practice with your basic skills? Then, take time (like 10 minutes a day) and play some math games! Check out these sites for games that will help improve your basic skills.

Maths World Cup


CST Practice: For online practice, go to the Houghton-Mifflin Eduplace page

For Test taking strategies and practice, click on this page

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In Room 6 we were always working to help those less fortunate! Throughout the year, we donate to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and we have raised $265 already this year!

We have been continuing to purchase water filters to help with the Cambodian Water Project. We have purchased TEN filters, to date!

nbccLogofinalOur first school-wide philanthropy was October's Breast Cancer Awareness and we participated once again in the Denim Day campaign. This year, we raised a $425! Hooray! Thank you to ALL of my math students who donated toward the campaign. You REALLY made a fantastic difference! Everyone really came through in the end. We have students on campus who have had family AND staff members affected by this form of cancer so your monies have really gone to a great cause (National Breast Cancer Coalition). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

During November we will raise monies for the Change for Charity campaign. In 1st period, we will collect donations to help those who are less fortunate in our own city. The monies are donated to CENA, an organization that helps local Santa Ana families who are having financial difficultes.

As a former 6th grader said, "It feels great to donate!

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